Below are links to lists of available compounds (as pdf files). The first list is comprehensive in alphabetical order, whereas the other lists are specific for certain compound classes. Mixtures of n-alkanes (types A, B, and C) and mixtures of fatty acid esters (type F8) are characterized in special columns (on the right) within the lists of n-alkanes and fatty acid esters, respectively.
Alphabetical listing of all reference materials
Aromatic reference materials
Fatty acid esters
Materials for derivatization
Nitrogen-containing reference materials
Reference materials for EA-IRMS
Note:  Stable isotope ratios of individual compounds may be subject to slight adjustments over time. For example, the development of new materials routinely employs repeat measurements of older materials together with calibrations using pairs of international standards for anchoring and attenuation of isotopic scales, thus occasionally resulting in amended statistical mean δ-values of older reference materials.